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Situated near the midpoint between Lahore and Islamabad, ‘Kallar Kahar’

Before the selection of the site of Shalimar Hill Farms, a lot of research and probing was done and over 3 years were spent in the process of buying the land.

Our prime objective is to design and develop a green community that is equipped with technology and yet remains as basic as possible. We endeavor to manifest and footprint modernity that is in cohesion with nature.

This is a community that thrives through an extensive framework of facilities and extends the most desirable living to its inhabitants. In pursuit of happiness, we hope to scale the intended vision further.

The developers of Shalimar Hill Farms envisage a community lifestyle that promises the best to its occupants. Pleasant and interactive social ambience through carefully crafted communal amenities including sports & entertainment facilities, health facilities, open greens, vast ambient views, parks and walking tracks, resulting in a high-end community developed for luxury. Privacy and security are fully ensured through its own professional security staff.

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